Saturday, November 12, 2016

Erin Turns 4

This list was written around Erin's birthday, about 6 months ago.

My Erin Elizabeth...

Careful in all things. This girl does not spill, trip or forget
Wildly artistic
Shares jokes! To be silly together is the key to Erin's heart
Maternal (Not nurturing. There is a difference.)
Takes time to process
Eats berries. Also the key to her heart
Has curls
Makes up songs
Dreams beautiful dreams. Last night she dreamt of a mother unicorn with wings, who carries her babies to the earth on snowy winter nights. The mother feeds her little ones from the branches of special trees into which village people have tucked yummy treats.
Likes knowing the rules
Makes her baby brother giggle
Gives her middle brother lots of growing opportunities
Does gymnastics
Has a soft spot for uncles
Has her mamma's tastebuds. Likes Steak. Cheese. Fruit. Olives. Sweet Tea. Milky Coffee. Sushi. Pasta.

So much is the same! My baby girl is the best. A lot, a LOT has happened to our family in 6 months and so I have a few items to add.

My Erin Elizabeth...

A sweetheart in a crisis
Becoming a nurturer
Clever, quick to connect dots
Memorizing her alphabet so she can learn how to read 
Graceful, beautiful
Makes up words, complete with official definitions
Saving up money for a bicycle
Wants to do gymnastics again
Loves board games
Is great with chore charts
Helps Oliver hide better before she finds him, when they are playing hide and seek
Energetic (!!!) and prefers to always have a plan of action
Loves to win (I have warned her that eventually little brothers run faster)
Makes me laugh, genuinely, every day
Visits Oliver every night to talk with him, tell and hear stories, and generally chat before taking herself back to bed. They enjoy the time together and it is a very sweet little routine.

It is an adventure, having such a one as her. I love you, baby girl. You are my sweetheart. I really liked the headband you made out of a giant rubber band and a hair tie when you were supposed to be napping. I was going to be annoyed until I saw your adorable, proud smile and the way it made your hair frame your face. Looking forward to your 5th birthday, and all the days in between.