Sunday, January 25, 2015


After packing up and moving in the space of just a couple weeks, my little family is now happily settled in among the unpacked boxes and still dusty corners of our new place! From the city to the almost-country has brought about some major changes for us. Hard changes, with mountains that seemed like molehills from the distance, but good changes. My surprisingly rambunctious children (I'm just discovering what exactly they are capable of if given enough space!) suddenly have a yard of their own for the very first time! Ben once again has a wood stove to tend, land to see to and clean up, and a commute to work (we use to live just three minutes away from the office!). Even though I use to live smack in the middle of town with an Albertson's on one side and a Costco on the other, these lovely 6 acres we get to enjoy for the time being have me feeling less isolated and free to go where I please and do as I like. I must be in my element!

In keeping with tradition and expectation, my dryer went out the week we decided to get busy packing, and my super fancy kirby vacuum bags (available only by order) decided to get lost (or maybe I really did use them all up). Oliver decided to teeth four molars at once and Tiny Feehan (A baby boy! We will name him Samuel Albert Feehan) finally started jumping around and practicing some pretty impressive braxton hicks, making for a mamma who requires many more pit stops and naps than previously. The cherry on top was our first truly bad sickness of the season -- a nasty flu bug that set in the moment we stopped running for a second.

In the midst of my chaos and small difficulties the troops have rallied and I feel blessings pressing in from every side. My sweet baby sister came over one day to make peanut butter balls, which lasted me all the next day. My mom has added practically every little (and big) hiccup I encounter to her already over loaded list of to-do's, including the three bags of wet laundry which I deposited at her house. Ben's parents are taking the little monkeys nearly every week in some fashion, to give us space to work, and friends from all over are unexpectedly pitching in more than we could ever ask.

On top of it all, Erin and Oliver are proving to be quite, quite flexible, cheerful and cooperative with all that we are throwing at them. Oliver submitted to sleeping in a foreign back room at a strange place while I rattled boxes and shelves nearby, and Erin has calmly accepted the temporary loss of nearly every book, toy and familiar item she owns. Of course we are experiencing a few minor behavioral blips that seem to coincide pretty neatly with the insecurities of their new home. Bed and nap times have become interesting, for example, but I have faith that with some consistant hard work we will soon be back on track again.

I am so pleased with where God has placed us for the next year or so! It feels good to be hand washing my dishes again, and strange to require a baby moniter in order to hear our littles all the way across the house. This will be a lovely place to have our third child, and as I can already see everyone testing out their wings in this bit of extra leg room I'm excited to see what blessings and opportunities are in store for us.